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Millions of people are without the Word of God in their own language. This Christmas, you can help change that.

Gift 8 imageGive Scripture to the Mankanya

The Mankanya Scripture translation is scheduled for completion in 2013—but a lack of funding stands in the way. You can help equip Mankanya translators to finish the remaining 25 percent of the New Testament, and portions of the Old Testament.

A gift of $455 provides one chapter of Scripture for the Mankanya in their heart language.

Click here to learn more about the Mankanya translation, or take part in the project.

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Gift 9 imageTranslate the Old Testament for the Kasem People

About 50 percent of the Old Testament has been translated for the Kasem people. Pastors are already drawing on the translated portions to prepare their sermons, and individuals and families use them for private devotions. You can help ensure that their translation work isn’t hindered by a lack of funds.

Click here to learn more, or take part in the project.

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Jacqueline Huggins is the world’s first African-American woman to complete a New Testament translation of The Bible. She’s also the first African-American to complete translation of the New Testament since the 1900’s. We’re proud, too, that Jacqueline is also on staff with Wycliffe Bible Translators USA. You can read more about this historic event at Black America Web News.

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Wycliffe volunteers in Orlando, Fla., take calls from donors.

Throughout Wycliffe’s fall campaign with Moody Radio, the stories have poured in.

As volunteers staffed the phone banks, they heard donors pour out their hearts. Calling Wycliffe from every corner of the United States, these donors expressed the same theme: They wanted to support the work of Bible translation, no matter what amount they gave.

All told, their contributions raised more than $538,000 for Bible translation projects in Peru and Panama.

Here are some highlights:

–In Chattanooga, a homeless man walked into the offices of WBBW 89.9 FM and gave a crumpled $5 bill.  He explained it was all he could afford, but he wanted to help others receive God’s Word.

–A woman, recently widowed, heard Wycliffe’s story on WMBI 90.1 FM in Chicago. When she began receiving money from her late husband’s estate, she prayed about what to do with it. While he was alive, he gave out Bibles wherever he could, so for several months she had been looking for a way to continue that legacy by giving Bibles to those in need. As she drove home one afternoon, she was feeling sad and decided to turn on the radio. In that moment, she knew where to send the money. She gave $30 to supply six Bibles for people in Panama.

–Charlotte Meredith Hartzell, of Palatine, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, wrote to Wycliffe after listening to the campaign on WMBI:

My husband, John Meredith, and I went to Aguacatan, Guatemala, in 1956 to produce the first movie about what Wycliffe does. The name of the film is “Unsheathed” (taking the sword of the Word of God out of its sheath and making it useful in the language of the people). Later on we produced a second film, “Breakthrough in the Jungle,” for Wycliffe.

I would like to give a gift of [amount] to Wycliffe this morning. My husband died shortly after we returned from a whole summer in 1960 in South America with Wycliffe. My son, who was 12 at that time, is now 61. I am 88. I am thrilled to hear so much more about Wycliffe on your Morning Show this week.

As these stories illustrate, God has been faithful to touch the lives of Moody Radio listeners in unique ways. Join us today in thanking Him for this.

Submitted by Mary Tindall

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Providing Scripture to Children

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me” (Matt. 19:14, NLT). In Wycliffe’s 2009-2010 Gift Catalog, you’ll find opportunities to do just that.

Gift 15 imageRecord Bible Videos that Show Children How to Know Jesus

In Latin America, a team of talented workers write and record videos for children—videos that tell the stories of the Bible in their mother tongue, using finger puppets. Each video takes about 500 hours of labor, but the result is marvelous—boys and girls are learning about Jesus in a format and language that really grabs, and holds, their attention.

Click here to learn more about finger puppet Bible story videos, or take part in the project.

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Gift 3 imageHelp Children Come to Jesus through Special Radio Programs

Twice each week, more than 1,000 children from 25 villages in Peru hear about Jesus through a storytelling radio program called Jirish, an acronym for Quechua words that mean Jesus Christ once bought our small heart.

Jirish is led by a young man, a young woman, and an imaginary being (portrayed using sound effects). The program begins with a story or riddle from Quechua culture that has a biblical application. As children listen to the program, they hear the Word of God in their language and discover that they are important to God. Quechua parents tell us often that their children love Jirish.

Click here to learn more about Jirish and other radio programs, or take part in the project.

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Wycliffe Foundation exists to serve the Wycliffe family of organizations through its ministry of gift planning. Wycliffe supporters are often surprised to learn they can use a planned gift to support Bible translation and leave a legacy.

The following video from Wycliffe Foundation, “Those We Serve,” is a window into the Foundation’s ministry. For more information, visit www.wycliffefoundation.org.

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All over the world, Wycliffe personnel are translating the Bible, teaching people how to read and sharing vital health knowledge in culturally relevant ways.

What makes all of this possible? As God provides for His work, He uses people like us to pray, give and go.

For the past six years, Wycliffe Foundation has offered a ministry of gift planning to help people support the Wycliffe family of organizations through their estates. More than 1,500 people have implemented planned gifts through the Foundation, comprising the William Cameron Townsend Legacy Society.

Now, Wycliffe Foundation is preparing to honor the legacies of its faithful partners and praise God’s faithfulness in using these gifts to further Bible translation around the world.

Tomorrow, Wycliffe staff and missionaries  will join together for Celebrating Legacies…Changing Lives. This day of celebration will showcase God’s work in the lives of partners and Wycliffe missionaries through the ministry of Wycliffe Foundation.

Stay tuned to this blog for photos and videos from Wycliffe Foundation in the coming week. Click here to learn more about Wycliffe Foundation’s ministry of gift planning.

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Teach the Story of Jesus

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Gift 14 ImageGift 14

Teach the Story of Jesus to Bibleless People

Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus spoke to groups, large and small, using stories. In fact, the Scriptures say He always taught using stories—stories like the parable of the Good Samaritan, the parable of the Lost Sheep and the parable of the Prodigal Son. Those stories, recorded in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, still speak to us today. They were divinely crafted to reveal God’s character and provide instructions on how we should live—in a way that’s easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to share with others.

In many areas of the world, cultures remain much the same as in Jesus’ day. Many communities still do not have a written language, and even if they do, literacy is very low and people learn orally. In these oral societies, worldview is shaped by experience, as well as through stories, proverbs and songs. To reach oral communicators with the good news about Jesus Christ, Wycliffe Bible Translators takes part in the OneStory partnership. OneStory participants work with mother-tongue speakers to craft biblically accurate, culturally relevant oral stories.

Learn more about OneStory, or take part in the project.

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Gift 16 ImageGift 16

Help People Who Can’t Read to Hear and See God’s Word

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