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By Rachel Tidwell
Wycliffe USA

Jono was hanging around the outskirts of the Wycliffe booth at Urbana ‘09*, and I honestly remember thinking that he didn’t look that interested in stopping to talk about Bible translation. Regardless, I decided to try to pull him in and engage him. As I began the conversation, I quickly learned that he was an aviation management major in college, and was attending Urbana trying to figure out if there was ANY way that he could use that degree in missions. As he was walking around the exhibit hall, numerous exhibitors kept pointing him to Wycliffe, an organization he had really never heard about. He decided to drop by our exhibit.

I told him about JAARS, one of the Wycliffe partner organizations that provides technical support services, including aviation. I slowly watched his demeanor change from skeptical to animated. I shared how JAARS is an integral part of the bigger picture of Wycliffe and our heart for languages and Bible translation, and he practically beamed with excitement.

He interrupted me and said, “You are never going to believe this. I speak six languages and have a genuine love for learning languages. It comes pretty easily to me AND my mom is a translator at our home church in Aruba, so I totally get what you are saying about heart languages!” We were both floored at the connection. He went on to share that the night before he stopped by the Wycliffe booth, he was talking to his roommate and feeling pretty dejected. He said that he had been convinced that missions was what he was called to but he didn’t think that aviation management could be used in missions. He was preparing himself for the fact that he might have to tell his parents that all the money they put into his education was a waste, because he wasn’t going to be able to use that degree on the mission field where God was calling him. Jono became really excited when another colleague and I shared about aviation opportunities with Wycliffe.

As we continued to talk about where God might be leading him, he became pretty convinced that Wycliffe is the answer. I asked him where he went to school, only to be amazed again at the connections God continued to make between Jono and our ministry. As a student at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Fla., he is close enough to our Orlando offices that he’ll be able to come visit and check out aviation opportunities and Bible translation. Jono is not only majoring in aviation management, but also taking courses in music, and he seemed interested in the idea of ethnomusicology, the study of social and cultural aspects of music and dance in local and global contexts, and how Wycliffe believes in reaching people with the Gospel through multiple forms of culture.

My conversation with Jono gave me goose bumps and my new friend literally jumped with excitement. It was clear that the Holy Spirit was present in our conversation and as we prayed together before he walked away, I was reminded of something: Jono left our booth with a clarity he did not have when he came and I know that isn’t due to anything I said or did, but simply because God is moving here at Urbana.

God is calling students to Him and revealing plans for them that He has already prepared. Wycliffe is excited to be a part of Urbana this year.

URBANA is the 22nd student missions conference presented by Intervarsity Fellowship, drawing students from across North America and Europe to St. Louis this week. For more information on Wycliffe’s participation at the event, visit http://facebook.com/WycliffeURBANA09.

To read another Wycliffe team member’s account of his time at URBANA, click here.

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Literacy is essential for so many reasons—economic, political, physical, emotional—but the single most valuable reason is the opportunity to read the translated Word of God in your own language and begin or strengthen your relationship with the Creator and Savior.

Gift 7 ImageProvide Scriptures for the Didinga People

The Didinga community of Sudan has opened the door for God’s Word by expressing a desire for literacy education and the Bible in their language. The Didinga translation team needs your support to carry on their work of translating the New Testament.

$345 supports a mother-tongue translator for one month.

Click here to learn more about providing Scripture for the Didinga, or take part in the project.

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Gift 10 ImageProvide Scriptures for Evangelism and Spiritual Growth in Burkina Faso

A very small Christian population exists among the Dyan of Burkina Faso. These believers need God’s Word and literacy training in their language so they can read the Bible and share it with those in their communities.

Click here to learn more, or take part in the project.

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Translating the Word of God gives people access to the life-changing gospel message, changing the way they see themselves, their situation and their relationship with God. Through Bible translation, communities are transformed one heart at a time.

Gift 1 imagePrint Bible Books for People in Seven Languages

Bible books, which include Mark, Luke and Acts, are ready for publication in seven different languages. You can help print them—changing hundreds of thousands of lives for eternity in Africa and the Pacific Rim.

A gift of $30 will provide 10 Bible books; $90 will provide 30 Bible books.

Click here to learn more about printing Bible books, or take part in the project.

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Gift 6 imageComplete the Bolinao New Testament

The Bolinao people practice animism and fear evil spirits. You can reach children, families and communities with the Word of God in their language.

Click here to learn more, or take part in the project.

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What if you left your home, career and country to be a missionary, but when you got to the field, you were rejected by the people you wanted to reach?

That’s what Keith and Wilma Forster encountered in Panama among the Kuna people. But that’s not the end of their story.

To watch their story on CBN News, click on the link above.

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CBN News will air a special about Wycliffe’s work in Tanzania today (Tuesday, December 8).

Click here for air times, or catch the broadcast online.

Danny Foster of Wycliffe Canada is interviewed on the program, which will be aired multiple times on CBN News and CWN.

The program focuses on the Mara Cluster, a project in which linguists and national translators work together to translate Scripture into multiple languages at the same time. The Mara Cluster announced this week it had finished Luke 1-2 in nine languages.

Read more from CBN News.

MUSOMA, Tanzania – During this Christmas season, almost 2 million Africans will read the story of the birth of Jesus in their own language for the first time. It’s all part of an ambitious project to translate the Bible into nine African languages.

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Ministry partners like the “JESUS” film and Faith Comes By Hearing rely on Scripture translation for their productions. Learn more about how Wycliffe paves the way for these other important ministries.

Gift 2 imageTranslate the “JESUS” film for the Dirasha People

The “JESUS” film is a unique tool that quickly communicates the message of the gospel in a way that everyone can understand.  Video scripts are based on Scripture translated by Wycliffe. God is truly blessing our partnership with Campus Crusade, which produces the “JESUS” film.

The “JESUS” film will help create interest and enthusiasm for the Scriptures among the Dirasha language community of Ethiopia, where translation work is under way on the New Testament.

Click here to learn more about the Dirasha “JESUS” film, or take part in the project.

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Gift 4 imageProduce Audio Bible Recordings for Oral Learners

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