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Recently, I had the privilege to work with Greg Dobbs, a reporter and producer for HDNet’s “World Report” thanks to our friends at the Pinkston Group.  Greg traveled to Denver, Orlando and Philadelphia, Miss., to produce and report on Wycliffe Bible Translators’ work around the world. We specifically visited a Bible translation project with the Choctaw language group. Greg is resilient in his efforts to accurately report stories on a variety of topics around the globe. Here is Greg’s report:

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Kande’s Story

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more about "Kande’s Story", posted with vodpod

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Greg Dobbs with HDNet

Veteran producer and correspondent Greg Dobbs will feature the work of Bible translation on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 on HDNet TV. Dobbs worked for ABC News for 23 years, starting in Chicago as an editor for ABC Radio’s Paul Harvey, then for TV as a producer and later becoming a correspondent. He worked for ABC’s bureau in London, Paris and Denver. Dobbs has covered news stories including: the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the San Francisco earthquake, the execution of Gary Gilmore, the Watergate hearings, the Indian occupation of Wounded Knee, and various political campaigns and presidential conventions.

Dobbs interviewed Wycliffe President Bob Creson, Last Languages Campaign Executive Director Paul Edwards and visited the Choctaw translation project in Philadelphia, Miss.

The piece will air during the middle of the program “World Report,” which airs on HDNet at 9 EDT, 8 CDT, 7 MDT, and 6 PDT, then again three hours later; you can see HDNet on Comcast Cable, AT&T Cable, Verizon Cable, DirecTV, Dish Network, and most (although not all) other cable systems.

In case you don’t have high def, there’s another way to see the program beginning the next day: you can download it to your computer from the iTunes store for a buck-99.  The easiest way to do it is through HDNet’s website.

1. Go to <http://www.hd.net/worldreport.html&gt;
2. Click on the logo on the right side of the page that says “Download on iTunes”
3. Once the store appears, don’t do anything; it should automatically go to a select number of episodes of World Report.  You will see a small scroll-bar on the right side; scroll to the bottom where the latest episode can be found (the lead story, which is usually what’s listed, is about a Taliban-like group called al-Shabaab in Kenya).

You can view the story by clicking on this sentence.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Two young men trampled the trails of Guatemala together in 1917. One was Cameron Townsend—a 22-year-old American intent on winning Guatemalans to the Lord by distributing Spanish Bibles. The other was a Guatemalan named Francisco Diaz, who had only been a Christian for a few months.

Francisco, whose mother tongue was Cakchiquel, recognized on a deep personal level that if the Cakchiquels were ever to have a meaningful relationship with God, then they and God would have to share a common language. But why, he wondered aloud to Cameron, did that language have to be Spanish? Surely God could speak Cakchiquel, too, couldn’t he?

The Birth of a Vision
Townsend accepted the challenge, and a vision was born.

In 1999, Wycliffe and other partners adopted Vision 2025—a vision that all language communities needing one would have a Bible translation program in progress by 2025. Humanly speaking, this was an impossible goal because at the pace at which Bible translation was taking place, it would be 2150 before the final translation was started. We agreed this was unacceptable and committed to work with a renewed sense of urgency.

God has honored that commitment and, with our partners, we are now participating in the greatest acceleration of the pace of Bible translation ever witnessed by the Church. Last year, 109 translation projects were started—the largest number ever recorded. The remaining number of translation needs stands near 2,200.

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Toward The Last Languages

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Here is a link to a story produced by Patrick Cox. Please click on the graphic below to access the story:

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