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The world’s three major Bible ministries, working alongside leading Christian philanthropists, announced Thursday the launch of Every Tribe Every Nation (ETEN), a ministry alliance that will open Bible access for more than 6 billion people across the globe.

Leveraging the leading-edge technologies of The Digital Bible Library, hundreds of Scripture translations are currently available. More than 1,000 additional language translations will be ready for digital deployment in the next year and will reach over 2,000 in the next five years.

More than 1.2 billion people worldwide have no access to the Bible in their heart language and there are currently 2,000 languages that have no Scripture translation efforts underway. These sobering statistics shine a light on the reality of “Bible poverty” and the tremendous need to develop innovative new approaches to translation, distribution and evangelism. It is in response to this need, and with the aim of eradicating Bible poverty, ETEN is now launched.

Biblica, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA and American Bible Society—which, together with their international partners, account for 90 percent of the Bible translations in the world—formed ETEN to catapult Bible ministry into a new digital age.

The centerpiece of ETEN’s effort is the mobilization of The Digital Bible Library, operated by the United Bible Societies, which will serve as the world’s definitive digital Scripture repository. Through The Digital Bible Library, Scripture texts are standardized, digitized, centralized and accredited. By drawing texts into one easy-to-access location, The Digital Bible Library will make Scriptures readily accessible to Christian organizations, ministries and missionaries, enabling them to share God’s Word with those they serve in languages and formats these communities can engage. The Digital Bible Library will provide licensees the ability to access content from their mobile devices in a variety of formats, including audio, video, apps, websites, and print on demand.

“The Digital Bible Library will unleash God’s Word for millions of believers, making it accessible on a multitude of digital platforms,” Wycliffe President and CEO Bob Creson. “We invite other Scripture text ministries to join us at Wycliffe along with our friends at Biblica and American Bible Society in making their texts available through The Digital Bible Library so that access and engagement with God’s Word can increase exponentially. Just as Gutenberg’s printing press ushered in a whole new era for Bible distribution in the 1400s, Every Tribe Every Nation is on the cusp of another ‘Gutenberg moment.’”

Click here to read the rest of this article from Charisma News.

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By Angela Nelson

Angela Urbana Blog Pic

It was my twenty-first birthday. The year 2001 was just days away. And I—a Carolina girl—was bundled up in a million layers, trouncing through the snow at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

I wasn’t alone. Twenty thousand other college students, staff, missionaries, pastors, and volunteers had also descended upon the campus for the last five days of the year 2000 to attend InterVarsity’s largest student missions conference in the world—Urbana.

My heart had always leaped at the topic of missions, and when I left for college in 1998, I promised God that I would pursue missions along with my communications degree. But it had taken a snow day half-way through my sophomore year for God to get me alone with Himself and remind me of that promise. And here I was a year later, in the snow again, searching for a mission agency to serve with.

As I navigated the aisles of nearly three hundred exhibitor booths, I was overwhelmed. How would I ever know where God wanted me? I told recruiters that I wanted to do photography or graphic design. Most were enthusiastic, saying that they were sure I would find a good fit somewhere because everybody needed communications people. But where, I didn’t know. I cried as I left the exhibit halls that day, unsure of how to choose.

God gave me the courage to go back the next day, although I had been tempted to give up. Surprisingly it felt easier when I stopped trying to dictate how I wanted to serve and began to simply ask what the needs were. I talked with all kinds of agencies—Pioneers, Wycliffe, Christar, Caleb Project, ELIC, ECHO, New Tribes, and many more—and left with my hands full of information and free urbana imageconference goodies.

The conference ended with a beautiful communion service at midnight of the New Year. It was the first time I had ever celebrated the body and blood of our Lord Jesus with so many people all in one place—a rich foretaste of the coming marriage supper of the lamb. I hoped to play a role in inviting people all over the world to that feast one day.

Following the conference, I started applying to mission agencies, and after graduation God led me to Fort Myers, Florida, for a one-year public relations internship at an agricultural missions organization called ECHO. Through ECHO, I met and started working in the publications department at New Mission Systems International, teaching Perspectives mission classes, and traveling overseas. During that time I learned about Wycliffe’s ministry through their newsletters and my visits to their Orlando office to teach Perspectives classes. I even helped a couple Wycliffe translators with small publications projects during trips to Ecuador and the Central African Republic. So when I noticed a job posting for a writing position with Wycliffe, I decided to apply. The rest is, as they say, history, and in November, I celebrated my two-year anniversary with Wycliffe.

I had gone to Urbana thinking I had to choose between communications and missions, but it turns out God wanted me to do both. I just had to surrender that to Him. For the past eleven years, He’s let me tell stories of His work in people groups all over the world, and I can’t wait for the day when I’ll join those same people and feast together at my Lord’s table.

The twenty-third Urbana conference starts today in St. Louis, Missouri, and will last through December 31. A fresh group of students will infiltrate the America’s Center Convention Complex, eager to hear God’s voice and seek out His call on their lives. Will you pray for them? They’re a passionate bunch. Will you pray for Wycliffe recruiters as they talk to hundreds of students about the Bible translation movement? Will you pray that God will rise up this generation to glorify Him all over the Earth?

Check out this year’s teaser video:

Be Part of History – Urbana 12 from InterVarsity twentyonehundred on Vimeo.

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Wishing you a Spirit-filled Christmas full of joy from Bob and Dallas Creson, and all of us at Wycliffe Bible Translators!

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Thanks to gifts made to the Wycliffe Gift Catalog last year, people groups like the Samburu are receiving Scripture in their own language. Here’s a short thank-you message from Kenya!

Want to provide audio Scripture players for Nigerian families or fund children’s Bible story videos in Guatemala this year? Check out these opportunities and more at http://www.wycliffecatalog.org

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It’s almost time for Urbana 12!

In just ten days, eighteen thousand students will flood the America’s Center Convention Complex in St. Louis, Missouri, for InterVarsity’s twenty-third Urbana missions conference.

Wycliffe USA will have twenty-six staff members at our booth to talk with students about how they can get involved in Bible translation. And they’re getting pretty excited as they remember past Urbana conferences:

“I smile when I think about the hours of talking with youth about their desire to serve the Lord. And an extra bonus is walking the halls with a herd of people—knowing that they are there to give praise to God.” —Deb Borland

“I love hearing hundreds of students breaking into song on the public transit every night on their way back to hotels after last keynote!” —Tracy Tooley

“All three times I’ve participated at Urbana (’87, ’00, and ’09) there was a moment when the corporate worship—eighteen thousand in one room running on Holy Spirit adrenaline and probably a bit of caffeine—rendered me mute. Being overwhelmed by our God, who is far beyond worthy of it all, is not something I get over easily, nor do I want to.” —Ruth Hubbard

“I loved hanging out in the prayer rooms, praying quietly for people as they were seeking God.” —Sandy Gould

Sneak Peak

Take a quick tour of the Wycliffe USA booth with Dustin Moody as he walks us through the Road to Transformation:

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By Angela Nelson
JillDavis BlogToday, 12/12/12, Jill Davis from Spearfish, South Dakota, turns twenty-eight-years-old. And she has one simple birthday wish: to raise funds to translate 879 verses—the equivalent of the book of John—into the language of the Ehty people of South Asia.

For the last year Jill has been building up to her special 12/12/12 birthday by doodling a Bible verse every day on her blog at www.year27.com. Every day, that is, except for Sundays. Jill set those aside as “Silent Sundays” to remind us that, for the Ehty people of South Asia, every day is a silent day without Scripture in their own language.

“This has had a huge impact on my life,” Jill says. “It’s an opportunity for me to use the gifts and talents that God has given me to honor and glorify Him. It’s also made me a lot more consistent in reading my Bible each day. God’s Word has really come alive to me this year and that’s what I am hoping will happen when the Ehty people of South Asia read God’s Word for the first time!”

Right now there are only about twenty Ehty people who have come to faith in Christ. Some have renounced their faith due to heavy persecution, while others have grown stronger in the Lord during hardship. Imagine what having Scripture would be like for these precious people.

Would you consider giving Jill the best birthday gift ever—the chance to see the Ehty people receive God’s Word in their own language? So far she’s a third of the way there with 315 verses sponsored!

Thanks, Jill, for your dedication to the Ehty people and for your beautiful Scripture doodles!

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The 2012-13 Wycliffe Bible Translators Gift Catalog is here, and it’s filled with opportunities to give the gift of eternal hope this Christmas!

Check out this brief video message from Bob Creson, President/CEO of Wycliffe USA, and then take a moment to look over the Gift Catalog and pray about your involvement. Any gift you choose to give will help provide men, women, and children with God’s Word in their heart language—part of the great harvest God is reaping worldwide.

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