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Transformed by the Word

The Napo Quechua language group consists of thousands of people in northern Peru. Their vocabulary is limited in comparison to other nearby groups, and their region is dominated by an epidemic of drunkenness, a lack of respect for women and a pervasive, overwhelming sense of hopelessness.

Selmira was born into this culture, and followed its patterns of drinking like everyone else. She was just a young teen when she married. She would have married even younger, but asked to wait until after she finished primary school. She wanted to learn to read.


Selmira is a Christian. Shortly before Selmira committed her life to Christ, she encountered Jesus in a dream. In the dream, he offered his hand to help her cross a narrow log. He told her to read his Word and obey him. He promised he would be with her. It was at a Bible seminar when the gospel finally penetrated her heart, and she gave it to Jesus.

At a workshop about sharing Bible stories in oral cultures, Selmira met a Wycliffe missionary named Christa. She invited Christa and her ministry partner, Maritza, to come to her home and help her keep learning Bible stories. As Selmira learned more about what the Bible says, she began to drink less. While other parents left their children to fend for themselves, Selmira began to care for her own children more. She became more aware of God’s presence in her life, and experienced his peace.

Then in 2008, Selmira lost a son to a snakebite. In 2010 she lost another son to anemia. She has lost 11 children in all. People told her that God was punishing her for not continuing with their traditional religion. But Selmira knew better. She found peace and comfort in the fact that her children were in Jesus’ hands, and he would take good care of them. Selmira resolved to remain faithful to God despite what people said, and everyone noticed the change in her life.

When others had troubles in their lives, they would come to her because they trusted her. When her husband got angry that Selmira no longer drank with him, she responded with love. He began coming home earlier and earlier from drinking parties. Eventually he began listening to Selmira’s Bible stories.

Today Christa and Maritza are helping translate the Bible for the Napo people. Selmira is the only woman on the translation committee, and one of only two translators who has never missed a single one of the 12 month-long workshops in the past four years. She is teaching others to share Bible stories, and as her faith grows, so does her desire to go to other villages and share the hope she has found in Jesus.

Do you want to be a part of the wonderful work God is doing through Bible translation? You can support translators like Selmira through the Moody Radio campaign.

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No Longer Serving Two Masters

The Lutos people living in north Central African Republic and Chad need your help. Nearly 20 percent are Christians, but many are nominal in their faith and continue to practice traditional religion alongside Christianity. The use of Sango, the national language, in the churches has often left the people with a weak understanding of their faith, causing believers to be susceptible to the influence of traditional religions or Islam.


But when the Bible is understood in their language, lives are changed. The testimony of this Lutos church member helps portray that.

“I am thrilled for the work that the Lutos translation project continued to do on behalf of our community,” said the church member. “Before I only went to church for fun, and the reading of the Holy Scriptures during the service never interested me. But that was because I was serving two masters — the Word of God and our traditional practices.  I was still very devoted to the traditional religious rites of my people.

“Whenever I was sick or had any kind of problem or difficulty I went to consult one of my Lutos relatives who was a shaman. And it was in these things that I really put my trust. I completely ignored that God alone is the great physician and the solution to all of our problems.”

“So now, thanks to the translation project, there are Bible portions available in my mother tongue that allow me to really understand the meaning and context of a verse.”

This year, the Lutos team will begin to build vision for translation work among the churches and continue work on translation. The team needs your prayers as they work.

  • Pray for the Lutos speakers in several communities who continue to experience difficult times. After months of civil unrest, few Lutos speakers have found their homes the way they left them due to widespread burning and looting of villages.
  • Pray for God’s healing on the Central African Republic so that the Lutos people can return to their agricultural and hunting practices to support their families.

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Cook with Kate & Mack

Summer is a great time to try new things, isn’t it? That’s why Kate and Mack thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of their friends from around the world — real kids who live in different countries! They’re going to tell us a little about themselves and then share a favorite recipe they enjoy making.

To get you started, here’s a recipe from Karis and Amara, two missionary kids living in Thailand. Want the other four recipes? Sign up at wycliffe.org/A-Z today!

Fried rice recipe

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This month we have the privilege of partnering with Moody Radio to make an incredible difference in the lives of local Bible translators in South America!

moodyperuwoman“Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes. God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure” (Ephesians 1:4-5, NLT).

Can you imagine understanding those words from Ephesians for the first time? Our personal encounter with God changes everything. Hearing firsthand and believing that you are a child of God, adopted into his family and loved with an everlasting love, is the most transformational life experience anyone can have. This is what Bible translation is all about.

God is on a mission to reconcile every nation to himself. By his grace, Wycliffe has the privilege of joining him on his mission through Bible translation. Local translators play a crucial role in that!


They understand the nuances of their language, the intricacies of their culture and the hearts of their neighbors better than expatriate personnel ever could. And when they translate a verse or passage of Scripture, the Word becomes human and moves into their village. God is no longer a foreigner to them. He speaks their language in a way that reaches deep into their hearts and leaves them changed for eternity.

For the month of July, Moody Radio stations around the country will be broadcasting about the amazing ways God is working through local Bible translators specifically in Peru, Colombia and Brazil. You’re invited to join Wycliffe and Moody Radio to rally around these translators and help make an eternal difference. Just visit www.wycliffe.org/moody or tune in to your local Moody Radio station to learn more about how God is working in hearts through Bible translation!

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A Grander Vision

If you have talked with any leader, or you are a leader, then you probably know about the many sleepless nights that can come with a leadership position. Whether you’re leading a church, a business, a team or your family, at some point you’ve likely felt uncertain about the future and weary from carrying too many burdens. No matter how big or small your role may seem, we all need to be encouraged, refreshed and reminded about God’s grander vision for our lives.

It’s time to get clarity about what kind of leader you want to become. You’re invited to sit under the teaching of some of the most seasoned Christian leaders of our day at The Global Leadership Summit. It’s a world-class event for people around the world who want to sharpen the talents and attributes God has given them.

On August 6 and 7 The Summit will be broadcast live from Chicago to more than 375 cities in North America. If you’re in the Central Florida area, Wycliffe USA will be a host site where you can gather with others to enjoy the sessions. We’re also proud to offer Spanish translation and closed captioning on-site.

Throughout the fall, Summit events will also take place in an additional 500+ cities in 120 countries—translated into 55 languages.

If you’re interested in a world-class experience that will help you embrace your grander vision — the reason God called you to lead — then don’t miss the Global Leadership Summit.

Click here to get more information and register today.

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A Prized Possession

Do people in your church jump for joy when the Scriptures are read?

That’s exactly what happened at First Baptist Church on the island community of San Andrés, which lies off the coast of Nicaragua. More than 12,000 islanders had waited their whole life to hear God speak to them in Creole, their heart language.

So when the pastor began to read in Creole for the very first time the congregation was amazed. People began to nod in agreement as these fresh words from God found a welcome home in hearts that were eager to hear them. Soon the entire congregation was on its feet, clapping one another on the back and laughing aloud in joy!

Now translation work is complete for the San Andrés Creole, and ready to be printed! And it costs just $7.00 to print the entire New Testament — a very small amount for something that will immediately become someone’s most cherished possession.NewBibles

By providing access to Scripture you help people draw closer to God through His Word. And your gift today will help transform lives—sometimes in unexpected ways—of people like Pastor Howard on San Andrés.

“The Scripture in San Andrés Creole has begun to speak to my soul in more intimate ways than English ever has,” he says. “I’ve begun to pray in Creole…and the interesting thing is: God answers me in Creole!”

Imagine how excited the members at First Baptist in San Andrés will be to have their own copy of the New Testament to hold and touch and read whenever they want. Your gift today will trigger an epic celebration in churches and homes across San Andrés!

Even more, your gift of Scripture printing will help shape the generations to come as children and families and churches become rooted deeply in the words of life and nourishment that are found in Scripture.

Will you share the blessing of God’s Word today with people who have been waiting a lifetime to have it? Click here to get involved.

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