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We Moved!


You may have noticed several changes at wycliffe.org in recent months. One of those is the exciting addition of our new Wycliffe USA blog, with an updated design that creates an improved reading experience and makes it even easier to stay connected to our work.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.50.48 AM

We invite you to continue keeping up with our stories, videos and other updates at that new location. As of March 1, 2016 we exclusively send updates to the new blog instead of this WordPress platform. If you’d like to be notified when we post information, you can add the new Wycliffe USA blog to your RSS reader with this link: https://www.wycliffe.org/feeds/blog. You can also learn about new posts and receive additional news and updates by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

We value our readers, and we thank each of you for following along with our updates, praying for us and alongside us, and sharing your heart for this ministry. We hope you’ll continue to stay connected as we make this exciting transition.

Thank You,
The Wycliffe Team

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DSCN1710“The urgency to give the Bible to the people is high. We are committed to make sure we aren’t making the remaining people groups wait too long,” says Wycliffe Togo Director, Antonin Azoti. “In order to make it happen, we can’t do it the same way we did 30 years ago. These days it’s quite unthinkable that we would carry out Bible translation without the proper technology. But a lack of equipment is holding us back.”

Wycliffe Togo staff shares available computers, taking shifts to do their work online. This leads to delayed communication and a slowed workflow. Antonin’s goal is to provide the head of each department — Accounting, IT, Communications and Human Resources — with a computer and have 2-3 additional machines for department staff and volunteers to share.

Because budgets are tight, the organization relies on volunteer workers, but the lack of technology also makes it difficult to recruit volunteers. Antonin explains, “The minimum that we can provide volunteers who are willing to give of their time, is a computer to use when they are serving Wycliffe. In our country tablets and computers are not yet widespread. You can’t count on the person to have their own.”

IMG_0485On a visit to Wycliffe USA headquarters in November, Antonin received a stock of refurbished laptops and tablets from the IT department — including several donated through Wycliffe’s “Donate Your Stuff” program. When packing up the devices for his flight home, Antonin shared, “Thank you! To take these back is a great encouragement to the team! We’ve been praying for a time when not having enough equipment won’t be a challenge anymore. These donations contributed to bringing about such a time.”

Please consider donating your unused electronics to Wycliffe. We can turn them into financial support for Bible translation, and in some cases we can send the items to translation projects with technology needs. To learn more, visit Wycliffe.org/donateyourstuff or call 1-800-992-5433.

UPDATE: We are deeply saddened to learn that Antonin’s wife, Adakouvi Grace, passed away on Jan. 15 while traveling to Benin. Please join us in prayer for Antonin and their two children during this immensely difficult time.

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e Celebration

As we begin 2016, we want to celebrate the progress we’re seeing in Bible translation around the world. Any time that the number of languages who don’t have access to Scripture decreases, we rejoice because more people are learning of God in the language that speaks directly to their heart!

Here are translation stats, as of October 2015:

  • There are an estimated 1,800 languages still likely needing Bible translation to begin.
  • 554 languages have the complete Bible.
  • 1,333 languages have the New Testament (and some additional portions).
  • 1,045 languages have just portions (one or more books).

This adds up to 2,932 languages with some Scripture!

And with about 7,000 languages actively spoken around the world, more people have access to God’s Word in their own language today than ever before. As we head into 2016, and more and more people get access to Scripture, we are excited to see what God will continue doing to make his name known among the nations. That is something to celebrate!

Learn more about translation statistics here.

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Wycliffe USA President Bob Creson and his wife, Dallas, thank all of those around the world who have played a role in furthering Bible translation through their partnership with Wycliffe. In their message, Bob and Dallas also discuss the life change that happened in the Bum people as a result of receiving the New Testament in their own language.

During their Scripture celebration, two Bum chiefs rejoiced over the arrival of the New Testament by bringing the Scriptures in on a throne-like bench normally reserved for men of their high position. This act represents the fact that the Bum now consider God’s Word to be their highest form of authority. Bob and Dallas express their joy over the fact that the Bum and many others now have access to God’s Word in their own language this Christmas and can personally know the Prince of Peace.

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Bill and Vonette

The work and ministry of Cru is completely entwined with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Most people are aware of our partnership with the JESUS Film Project, but most may not be aware of how instrumental Bill Bright was in our move from southern California to Orlando, Florida. We’re not only partners but also neighbors with our colleagues “across the pond” from us.

Our partnership is built around a commitment to God’s Word. Vonette Bright, along with her husband, Bill, was committed to reaching the world for Jesus Christ. Their efforts fueled an incredible missions movement. To honor our mutual commitment to the role God’s Word plays in reaching the world for Christ, Wycliffe, with Bright Impact Awardsupport from Vonette, created the Bill Bright Scripture Impact Award recognizing those who have followed in their steps with a lifelong dedication to proclaiming the Good News about Jesus contained in Scripture.

At a Christmas reception my wife, Dallas, and I recently attended, Vonette — knowing she would be in heaven soon — said, “When you hear I’m there, you can cheer!” We’re cheering today as Vonette was reunited with Bill and welcomed to heaven by Christ himself.

Vonette once said that the way she liked to start each day, just before she opened her eyes, was to say, ‘Lord, this is your day, and I want you to live it through me. Take away any anxiety, and take away any apprehension. Let me express your thoughts. Let me be your mouthpiece.’ It’s giving him control today.”

This is exactly how Vonette lived her life. She was God’s mouthpiece, exemplifying moral and spiritual values, and ministering to women all Vonetteover the world. She was a mom, a grandmother and a wife, and she had the talent and life experience to speak directly to the hearts of women today.

One part of Vonette’s legacy I’m most grateful for, is that she and Bill valued God’s Word above all else. “It is this book that tells us how to relate to God; it tells us how to relate to each other; it tells us how to relate to family,” Vonette once said. “This book tells us so much of the truth we should be applying every day and with such excitement. So many people look at biblical truth as being binding and legalistic and unhappy, but if you want to know real liberty, just apply the Word of God to your life.”

Thanking God today for Vonette’s lifetime of faithfulness, and the legacy she leaves,

Bob Creson
Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

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You did it!

By 1 p.m. ET yesterday, you helped us achieve our goal of 500 printed books of Luke, and then you kept on giving. By 6:30 p.m., you more than doubled that number with over 1,000 books. Now you’ve funded printing for 1,440 books of Luke, for a total of $8,642 raised. Because of your gifts, people who have never heard the miracle of the Christmas story will now have the hope of God’s love for them in their own language!

Giving Tuesday is an amazing day to celebrate generosity and to give back because God has given us so much. But it doesn’t have to end there. In fact, you can make every day “Giving Tuesday” by praying about ways that God can use you to bless others. Perhaps it is through small acts of kindness, like letting someone go in front of you in line at the grocery store, or cooking a meal for your new neighbor. It can even be bigger things like partnering with a missionary, or serving as a volunteer in your community.

At Wycliffe, we are choosing to make every Tuesday throughout the month of December “Giving Tuesday.” If you’d like to continue helping us meet year-end needs in Bible translation, take a look at the projects available here.

Whatever God places on your heart, you can use each day to show his love to others! On behalf of the Bibleless people all over the world, thank you so much for your unwavering partnership in Bible translation.

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UPDATE: Your incredible generosity helped us achieve our first goal of 500 printed books of Luke by 1 p.m. ET! With plenty of time left to give, we’re doubling our Giving Tuesday goal. Together we can provide 1,000 copies of Luke!

Giving Tuesday is officially here!

Today is a day recognized around the world as a time set apart for giving back. And since it is now December, a month that we spend celebrating the blessing God gave to us in his son, Jesus, we think this is the perfect time to bless others.

But today is more than just a day. It is the first step toward a movement of generosity, and it can be the first step toward changing someone’s life. This Giving Tuesday, we want to give you the chance to provide the printed Gospel of Luke to people all over the world who’ve never had it in their own language.

For only $6 — the same price as that large Christmas-themed coffee you’re probably thinking of picking up soon — you could bring the hope of the Christmas story to someone who has never heard it before. Our goal is to provide 1,000 printed Books of Luke to people who don’t have them in their language, today!Large_120724_8420

You probably know the Christmas story by heart, hearing it every year at your church’s Christmas Eve service or reading it together at family gatherings. So why not give someone the very same joy you feel whenever you read about the angels proclaiming Christ’s birth? Encourage your family, friends, neighbors and even your church to join along with you in giving!

Visit wycliffe.org/givingtuesday to join us in this movement. Just $6 prints a copy of Luke for someone in need. A gift of $36 provides six books. And just $72 gives a dozen people access to God’s Word in their language.

Help reach others with the hope of Christmas! And please help us by spreading the word about this opportunity.

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