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Isn’t it amazing how God often exceeds our wildest expectations when we pray?

Wycliffe recently partnered with Moody Radio on a campaign to support local translators in Peru, Brazil and Colombia. God faithfully answered our prayers (and the prayers of many of you) by not just meeting our campaign goals, but surpassing them! And he showed us that this event was about more than just reaching campaign goals; it was about providing many people with the opportunity to hear about and give to the work of Bible translation for the first time.

Callers who participated in the campaign shared incredible stories of how God worked in the hearts, and we wanted to share just a few of them with you.

  • Michael was recently released from prison, where he’d greatly benefitted from a ministry based on God’s Word. During his time in prison, he’d seen firsthand how the hunger and thirst of fellow prisoners was quenched by the hope of the gospel, and he wanted to give a gift to Bible translation so that others with that same longing can find hope in Christ.
  • Elisabeth told her own exciting story. “I’ve been listening the last couple of days,” she said, “and this morning, I found a $6,000 error in my account … so I decided to give.” We’re so thrilled that Elisabeth’s first response was to give so that others could hear the gospel in their language!
  • Edna revealed that she had been praying about what she could do to honor her late mother. When she heard about the campaign, and was touched by the testimonies of people whose lives are being changed by God’s Word, she decided to give to Bible translation as an act of remembrance.
  • Wiley also saw his prayers answered. He’d been looking for an investment with eternal value, and when he heard the incredible testimonies shared during the campaign, he thought, “This is the most worthy cause.” Praise God!

Prayer was the cornerstone of the Moody Radio campaign. We stepped out in faith and trusted that God would move the hearts of listeners to give towards the work of Bible translation. And because of the prayers of our worldwide prayer team, God not only helped us exceed our goal, but he also reminded us that when we trust in him, he will always surprise us.

Our hearts are full as we declare, “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20, NLT)!

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This month we have the privilege of partnering with Moody Radio to make an incredible difference in the lives of local Bible translators in South America!

moodyperuwoman“Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes. God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure” (Ephesians 1:4-5, NLT).

Can you imagine understanding those words from Ephesians for the first time? Our personal encounter with God changes everything. Hearing firsthand and believing that you are a child of God, adopted into his family and loved with an everlasting love, is the most transformational life experience anyone can have. This is what Bible translation is all about.

God is on a mission to reconcile every nation to himself. By his grace, Wycliffe has the privilege of joining him on his mission through Bible translation. Local translators play a crucial role in that!


They understand the nuances of their language, the intricacies of their culture and the hearts of their neighbors better than expatriate personnel ever could. And when they translate a verse or passage of Scripture, the Word becomes human and moves into their village. God is no longer a foreigner to them. He speaks their language in a way that reaches deep into their hearts and leaves them changed for eternity.

For the month of July, Moody Radio stations around the country will be broadcasting about the amazing ways God is working through local Bible translators specifically in Peru, Colombia and Brazil. You’re invited to join Wycliffe and Moody Radio to rally around these translators and help make an eternal difference. Just visit www.wycliffe.org/moody or tune in to your local Moody Radio station to learn more about how God is working in hearts through Bible translation!

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“We would like to find the [Dâw] tribe. Where are these [Dâw]?” missionary Valtier Martins said when he first arrived in the Amazonas town of São Gabriel, Brazil.

He was answered with a laugh.

“Ok, the first person you find there in the street, fallen down, drunk—that’s a [Dâw],” was the reply.

Valtier finally located the Dâw and began living among them, teaching God’s Word. Several of them were wary of the foreigner. They had long been exploited by the plantation owners they worked for, and they assumed the missionary would do the same.

But this outsider was different. He and nearly a dozen others taught them God’s Word over the course of many years.

“Everything began getting better little by little because we were listening to the Word of God,” deacon Célio Dâw said. “And God kept giving us more and more strength.”

Click here to watch a video in which Célio and three other Dâw men tell their stories of how God spoke to them, drawing them out of despair and drunkenness to spiritual leadership. Today, the Dâw have grown from sixty to one hundred and twenty people who are respected in their community.




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Kaiwa BibleThis is Pastor Dorival and his wife, Estela. They are dedicated members of the Bible translation project for the Kaiwá people in Brazil. Do you remember the Kaiwá people? We recently shared a story about them finally receiving the Old Testament in their language after many years of work. Well, now the translation team is going back to revise the New Testament, which was published almost thirty years ago. Once they are finished, they will publish the entire Bible as one grand book! Pray for the Kaiwá people and the translation project that is so important to so many in Brazil.

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This story is an excerpt from The Finish Line monthly downloads. The Finish Line is a guide to praying for translation projects within three years of completion.

Living Water—Brazil

The Kaiwá people of western Brazil have now received the whole Bible in the language they understand best. Pastor Dorival is an evangelist, traveling to share the Good News with other Kaiwá people. Before the Old Testament was completed, he said, “When the Psalms were only in Portuguese, we could not understand them. Words like ‘intercession’ and ‘transgression’—we did not know what these words meant. But now we know! I love Psalm 1 that says we are compared to a tree that is planted by living water. That is so beautiful to me. It gives a deeper understanding of who God really is. When we received parts of the Old Testament, it was like someone took a huge light and put it up high and said, ‘Oh! Look all around here! Here is something you did not know before!’ So when I think that soon there’s going to be Genesis to Revelation, I feel really happy inside. It’s very good. It tastes good to see this happen. So I am jumping up and down with happiness because it is really beautiful, it is almost ready.”

Want to read more stories like Pastor Dorival’s or learn how to pray for people waiting for a Bible in their heart language? Sign up to receive The Finish Line  monthly downloads today!

A Look Inside the Finish Line Part II

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