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Touba village chief

Bright eyes, a warm smile, and inviting laughter: this Senegalese man can’t contain his joy.  A powerful change recently came to his community in Senegal – fathers began allowing, and encouraging, their daughters to attend school for the first time.

It’s not uncommon for girls in many places around the world to be taught that they do not belong in the classroom. Since schooling is costly and money is always tight, many families believe it’s more worthwhile to invest in educating their brothers and male peers.

But thankfully, new opportunities like minority language literacy classes and Bible translation programs are causing more people to see the value of education for everyone. Watch this video to learn how literacy is bringing new hope to families.

Photo & Words: Katie Kuykendall

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featured photo

Words and Photo by Katie Kuykendall

In a dimly lit church, this young Senegalese man studies his Bible intently by the light of a single window. The members of this congregation speak Creole, Manjak, and the national language – French. Though French is not the language most of them know best, many only have access to French Bibles and glean what they can from the text despite their limited understanding.

One Manjak pastor said, “Sometimes people don’t understand the Bible in French. Sometimes we read it in Creole [in church], and only some understand. But when we read it in Manjak, everybody understands.”

Another Senegalese man said, “God’s Word is something of greatness, and it’s for all.”

As a team translates Scripture into Manjak, it’s already transforming hearts. Watch the story of one man whose life changed as a result of the Gospel in his language.

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liffe Africa

Words and photo by Heather Pubols

Yonathan Zeamanuel explains to the Guji-Oromo team how to use Proclaimers* in listening group Bible studies. Yonathan and his wife, Tizita Zenebe (sitting to the right of him), are Wycliffe Africa members who are working to promote the use of Scriptures in the minority languages of Ethiopia.

*Faith Comes By Hearing works with language communities to produce dramatized audio Scriptures in local languages. These are played using a device called a Proclaimer. “Listening groups” are small groups that use the proclaimer to study the Bible together.

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Photo and words by Elyse Patten

A young Tongan boy wins a staring contest with the camera lens. Renowned for their hospitality, loyalty and fierce determination, Tongans are preparing to assist the ministry of Bible translation throughout the Pacific. The Bible Translation Organisation (BTO) of Tonga is focused on recruiting and training Tongans. It became the first independent sending organisation in the Pacific Islands to join the Wycliffe Global Alliance with the signing of an MOU on 14 August 2013. The chairman of the board, Uiliami Fukofuka says, “I was thrilled when I signed for my country to be part of this worldwide alliance! It gives me great comfort that we are working together with over 100 other national bodies. We know that we have a small contribution to make, but it is important in the Kingdom of God. Therefore it gives us much encouragement to continue.” Read more. Please pray for the young and growing BTO Tonga.

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Words and photo by Rodney Ballard

Featured Photo From the Field--Celebrating God's Printed Word

Urs Ernst smiles as he inspects the newly completed Makaa New Testament, in print for the first time. Urs, who joined the project in 2000, was the translation consultant working with Dan and Teresa Heath who have served as exegete and linguist respectively since the project’s beginning in 1978. This is a celebration of the completion of the typesetting, with two copies of the New Testament having been printed in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The main printing will be in South Korea and is expected to arrive in Cameroon for the New Testament’s dedication in 2015.



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Solomon Islands

Photo: Elyse Patten

A young girl from the province of Makira dances at the 11th Festival of the Pacific Arts in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Click here to connect and pray for Bible translation in the Solomon Islands.


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Photo: Greg Blok
Meet Dawn. She’s a sweet woman who wants to learn to read so she can read the Bible, but she’s never had the opportunity. For many years Dawn was the only Christian in her village in Southeast Asia. She has clung faithfully to God, but experiences pain and numbness in her legs and feet and seizures that only happen when she prays. More recently, there are a few others in her village who are also Christians, one of whom is training to be a pastor. God is moving in this community, but the spiritual warfare is evident. Please pray for Dawn that she would know healing from the Lord and that God’s kingdom would continue to grow in her village and people group.

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