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We often underestimate the power of prayer to change the world around us. But as the examples in this video show, our prayers can help change people’s lives in significant ways. And just by praying, you can help people get a Bible translation in their language.

Visit wycliffe.org/prayer to learn how you can start impacting lives through prayer today!

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By Katie Kuykendall

An AWANA group in North Carolina recently raised over $1,800 through Wycliffe’s free service-learning curriculum for kids! Their gift will help children in Senegal learn to read the Bible and experience God’s great love.


AWANA is a ministry that develops spiritually strong youth through programs that evangelize and disciple kids of all ages. Beth Dennis, who leads programs for the AWANA group in North Carolina, went to Wycliffe’s website to get curriculum ideas for the group of over 225 elementary students there.

“With hundreds of families to please, I had to be very selective,” Beth said. “I knew that everything Wycliffe does is extraordinary and trustworthy.”

The service-learning program curriculum lets kids learn about people from a different culture, practice their language, and pray for them. It also offers ways that children and their families can support a need in another country, like helping fund literacy classes for kids in Senegal.

Beth liked that the lesson plans for the multi-day project are easy to implement. She also liked the message behind Wycliffe’s lessons—children are not too young to meet a real need!

“Our [AWANA] curriculum emphasizes Scripture memorization. We must have God’s Word to grow in His love,” she said. “There’s a great correlation between what AWANA does and what Wycliffe does.”

“Children love to hear and see how other children live [in other countries],” Beth said. “They were fascinated by the facts given and wanted a chance to make real change in the world.”

“I’d definitely recommend it,” she said. “The AWANA pledge includes, ‘train them to serve Him.’ The AWANA prayer is that children will come to know, love, and serve our great Lord. Children are filled with compassion and want to make a difference. They just need to be nurtured, given information, and opportunities.”

Need fun and educational activities for your kids, Sunday school class, or another group this summer? Click here for free downloadable curriculum including the Senegal literacy project that this AWANA group supported!

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Imagine what it would be like if you had never held a pencil, never written a letter, never read a word.
Nearly 300 million women fit that description.

Around the world, literacy rates for women lag behind those of men. Girls are less likely than their brothers to have the opportunity to attend school, and those that do attend are often forced to drop out before completing secondary school. But when women do receive literacy training, they are better able to affect change, combating destructive conditions like poverty, illiteracy, and discrimination.

Linguists have found that majority culture often places a low value on minority language. Many times the minority language speakers begin to accept the negative view of themselves and their way of life. But when individuals learn to read and write in their own language, it can help them realize the significance of their culture. Seen as the primary guardians of indigenous culture, it is especially important for women to gain the capacity and skills necessary to preserve it.

More than Reading and Writing

When women attend literacy classes, they learn much more than how to read and write. By the end of a typical program, participants are able to write notes, stories, and letters; read letters and books; tell time; add, count money, and read scales. Suddenly they can interact with the world in a new way, gathering information through reading and expressing themselves through writing. Using their basic knowledge of mathematics, women can shop at the marketplace without fear of being cheated. It is also easier for an individual to bridge into the national or trade languages once they learn to read and write in their mother tongue.

mother2Reading gives women access to information on a variety of topics like health care, nutrition, hygiene, childbirth, and disease prevention. The lifestyle changes that result battle dangerous global diseases like malaria, hepatitis, and HIV/AIDS.

The “poorest of the poor” in almost all societies are women and children. Literacy gives women the skills they need to manage rural micro-economic businesses, or “cottage industries.” These endeavors give women their own source of income, promoting independence and equality and enabling them to improve their homes, buy food and clothing for their families, and pay school fees for all their children—not just boys. As a result, literacy is seen as the foundation for all sustainable community development.

Literacy Brings Lasting Change

The influence of literacy is seen not only in the lives of the women who achieve it but also in the lives of those around them. Women who have been transformed are strongly motivated to provide education for their community, guaranteeing that any investment in women’s education is sustained from generation to generation.

The single most valuable reason to improve literacy is the opportunity for every woman to read the translated Word of God in her own language and begin or strengthen a relationship with her Savior. Without the ability to read, the translated Scriptures have little impact.

Literary projects are often part of Wycliffe’s Bible translation process, teaching both men and women how to read and write in their language and preparing them to access God’s Word for themselves.

You can help support Wycliffe literacy projects by visiting http://www.wycliffe.org/Give/CurrentProjects/–MothersDay.aspx


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Thanks to gifts made to the Wycliffe Gift Catalog last year, people groups like the Samburu are receiving Scripture in their own language. Here’s a short thank-you message from Kenya!

Want to provide audio Scripture players for Nigerian families or fund children’s Bible story videos in Guatemala this year? Check out these opportunities and more at http://www.wycliffecatalog.org

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