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We’d like to give you a sneak peek of the Wycliffe calendar — check out these beautiful scenes and imagine yourself there. Each month has a different image and verse specifically chosen to help you visualize the beauty and truths of the Bible.




For over 30 years Wycliffe USA has created a calendar for the upcoming year, and for the last six years we’ve created a special theme for the calendar. This year’s calendar gives a glimpse of cultures and communities around the world. The theme is best summarized in the closing paragraph of our intro: “Our God is the God of all cultures and communities, and he is calling each of us to himself. And just as he promises, we will one day join together singing his praises for all eternity.”

This is a great way to be reminded of God’s heart for his people, and you can easily share this reminder with your friends and family. Purchase yours today!

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By Melissa Chesnut

This summer marks the fifth year of Wycliffe’s Orlando Summer Internship. We’re honored that these students gave up their summers to serve Bible translation from our home offices.

The summer interns are finally here! Samantha Benson and Catherine Caple started working at the Orlando office on June 10, arriving after a week-long training in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

The week included learning about Wycliffe’s background, an overview of linguistics, options for graduate schools, and a daily testimony from a missionary. These stories were some of Samantha and Catherine’s favorite portions of the training as they were able to hear first-hand of amazing adventures and experiences had by Wycliffe missionaries.

For the next eight weeks, Samantha will be working for the staff relations department in human resources, where she hopes to be able to use and develop project management skills; Catherine will be working for the Staff Resource Center, where she is excited for her first office experience.

Both young women are hoping to gain a better understanding of Wycliffe and the work of Bible translation for personal reasons—Samantha is in the application process for membership with Wycliffe, and Catherine is looking at the possibility of changing her minor in linguistics to a major, with the potential of one day serving with Wycliffe.

The Orlando office is excited to host Samantha and Catherine during their internship, and would like to welcome them to the Wycliffe family. We’re glad you are here!

Orlando isn’t the only place Wycliffe has interns! This year we have two interns at the SIL office in Dallas, one at the JAARS center, and one working with the Choctaw translation team in Mississippi. Visit http://www.wycliffe.org/shortterm to learn more about participating in our US-based internships or our overseas Discovery Trips.

Meet the Interns

Left: Catherine Caple, Staff Resource Center intern, from Florida State University majoring in Spanish and Linguistics; Right: Samantha Benson, Staff Relations intern, from University of Texas and majored in Business Management

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Photo by Ari Vitikainen

48 Long Walk Home

After selling their vegetables at the market, these Krung women of Cambodia have a long walk home to their villages. In the Cambodian provinces that border Laos, there are 20,000 Krung speakers without Scripture available in their language. The vast majority of Krung people maintain their traditional ethnic religion with less than 1% known to be Christian. These women are representative of one of the most unreached peoples on earth. Please pray for the Krung people of Cambodia.

This photo was originally posted at wycliffe.net.

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By Elyse Patten

Photo by George Hsia

Community living sure is colorful! This image comes from the city of Palembang, Indonesia which is home to Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arab, and European descendants who live in extraordinary unity. Although Indonesian is the official language, and English, Arabic, and Chinese are also widely used, the people of this city enjoy their own vernacular: Baso Pelembang. Learning the local language is essential for any resident who wants to connect with their neighbors, enjoy the local radio and TV stations, and make friends. Baso Pelembang collects and creates the unique identity and unity of this city. Language is much more than a tool for education and business, it is a instrument for friendship, worship, and community. And when you can choose which one to use, you always choose the one that is closest to your heart.

Click here to learn how you can pray for the work of language development and Bible translation in Indonesia.

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