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“It is as if we Tun woke up when our language project started,” said Kallah NDoh, who works with the Tun language team in the African nation of Chad. “Our joy was great. But then we faced financial problems; the work could not move forward and we lost hope.”

The Tun people are a small language group with fewer than five thousand people. As one of the least, the last, and the lost people groups, they did not have God’s Word in their language. They did not even have an alphabet to write it in.

But God had not forgotten the Tun. He put them on the hearts of Samuel Mbaihoguemel and his wife, Claudine, who are Bible translators with ATALTRAB,* Wycliffe’s translation and literacy partner in Chad. They moved into the area to learn the language and develop its written form, so that the Scriptures—and its message of hope in Christ—could be translated into Tounia, the mother tongue of the Tun people.

“Today, by the grace of God, the project is moving ahead again, and we bless the Lord for that,” says Samuel. “We see a change of behavior in the lives of those learning to read the Scripture in Tounia.”

The work of the language team is a great encouragement to Tun Christians, who now recognize that God cares for them and has plans for their future. As Kallah puts it, “Although we are a small people group, God has his eye behind us.”

Now the Tun people will have a chance to read the Word of a loving God who speaks their language. Nothing is more important than getting the Good News of Jesus Christ to people in the language and form that speaks deep into their hearts, so that they can come to know Him and grow in Him.

There’s still time to take advantage of this summer’s special matching gift opportunity. When you give to our First Words to Final Printing campaign, your gifts will be matched dollar for dollar, thanks to committed Wycliffe partners who have offered to match gifts up to $175,000.

Your gift will have twice the impact to support accelerated Bible translation and offer more people the life-changing message of God’s Word in a language they understand.

Go to www.wycliffefirstwords.com to learn how!

*Association Tchadienne de L’Alphabétisation, de la Linguistique, et de la Traduction de la Bible

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This summer you can take advantage of a special matching gift opportunity. When you give to our First Words to Final Printing campaign, your gifts up to $175,000 will be matched dollar for dollar, thanks to committed Wycliffe partners who want to help bring God’s Word to the Bibleless!

Listen to Russ Hersman, Wycliffe USA’s COO, tell about the opportunity in this video:

Go to www.wycliffefirstwords.com to learn more!

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Every year Wycliffe’s summer matching challenge—First Words to Final Printing—brings in valuable resources to help advance Bible translation for language groups around the world. For these communities, having Scripture in their own language is monumental. Without it, they are unable to find the spiritual truths that can transform their lives.

Recently in a community in Southeast Asia, a mother-tongue translator named Sharon* got to witness transformation in the life of her friend Rose* when she started sharing with her the series of Bible stories that her team had crafted. Sharon would play a recording of a story several times, and then ask Rose questions to see if she understood the meaning. With each story, Rose grew more and more interested. Then, after hearing about Jesus’ birth, His baptism, and John the Baptist’s call to repentance, Rose began to reflect on her own life and need for forgiveness from past wrongs. She abruptly asked, “Could I become a Christian now?”

Sharon was caught off guard a bit. She really hadn’t expected Rose to consider a response of faith until she had finished sharing the whole set of stories with her. Excited, she quickly got her thoughts together, and then began to explain more in-depth what it meant to be a Christian. Sharon invited Rose to church, and in the following weeks, as Rose heard about Jesus’ ministry, suffering, death, and resurrection, her faith in Christ grew deeper.

The work going on in Rose’s language group is just one of several projects needing funds through the First Words to Final Printing matching challenge. And this summer is a great time to give because every gift (up to $175,000) will be matched by generous donors who are excited to participate in bringing God’s Word to people who don’t have it in their language!

Go to www.wycliffefirstwords.com to give towards:

  • Specific training opportunities and resources for translation programs in Papua New Guinea, Southeast Asia, and Sudan.
  • Moving translation forward for projects in Kenya, Burkina Faso, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Printing costs of four New Testaments.

*Names are pseudonyms

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By Angela Nelson

Several Wycliffe families have been blessed to have the financial support of friends and family doubled through employee matching-gift programs. Take Annie,* for instance. She had been financially supporting her brother in Southeast Asia for over twenty years. A few years ago, she and her husband each enrolled in their employers’ matching-gift programs, and qualified. Both of their employers then started matching a certain amount of Annie and her husband’s charitable giving to the charities they specify. Now, Annie’s brother receives more support, and Annie wishes she would have taken advantage of this program all along!

The Blake* family, serving Bible translation work in Papua New Guinea (PNG), also made use of this often-overlooked resource. They had financial supporters who worked for Boeing and Microsoft, both of which have matching-gift programs. After the paperwork was filed, both Boeing and Microsoft sent in gifts to match the amount their employees had given the Blakes. The Blakes were able to use the additional money toward plane tickets and living expenses—two things that are not cheap in PNG!

Over fifteen thousand US companies will match their employee contributions to charitable organizations like Wycliffe and its primary strategic partner, SIL. If you or your spouse work for one of these companies, there could be several thousand dollars available for you to direct to an organization of your choice.

Some companies also match volunteer hours or gifts from spouses, retirees, and board members. To see if your employer will match your donation, please contact your company’s HR department or matching-gift coordinator. If your company does not have a matching-gifts program, you may want to ask them to start one.

If you have questions, send an e-mail to matching_gifts@wycliffe.org or call 407-852-3899.

*Anne and the Blakes’ stories are real, but their names have been changed to protect their identity.

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