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We often underestimate the power of prayer to change the world around us. But as the examples in this video show, our prayers can help change people’s lives in significant ways. And just by praying, you can help people get a Bible translation in their language.

Visit wycliffe.org/prayer to learn how you can start impacting lives through prayer today!

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Manjak Bible translators and literacy specialists in Senegal work in partnership to ensure that when the translation is finished, the Manjak people will be able to understand it and apply the Gospel to their lives.

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Photo: Greg Blok
Meet Dawn. She’s a sweet woman who wants to learn to read so she can read the Bible, but she’s never had the opportunity. For many years Dawn was the only Christian in her village in Southeast Asia. She has clung faithfully to God, but experiences pain and numbness in her legs and feet and seizures that only happen when she prays. More recently, there are a few others in her village who are also Christians, one of whom is training to be a pastor. God is moving in this community, but the spiritual warfare is evident. Please pray for Dawn that she would know healing from the Lord and that God’s kingdom would continue to grow in her village and people group.

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