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DSCN1710“The urgency to give the Bible to the people is high. We are committed to make sure we aren’t making the remaining people groups wait too long,” says Wycliffe Togo Director, Antonin Azoti. “In order to make it happen, we can’t do it the same way we did 30 years ago. These days it’s quite unthinkable that we would carry out Bible translation without the proper technology. But a lack of equipment is holding us back.”

Wycliffe Togo staff shares available computers, taking shifts to do their work online. This leads to delayed communication and a slowed workflow. Antonin’s goal is to provide the head of each department — Accounting, IT, Communications and Human Resources — with a computer and have 2-3 additional machines for department staff and volunteers to share.

Because budgets are tight, the organization relies on volunteer workers, but the lack of technology also makes it difficult to recruit volunteers. Antonin explains, “The minimum that we can provide volunteers who are willing to give of their time, is a computer to use when they are serving Wycliffe. In our country tablets and computers are not yet widespread. You can’t count on the person to have their own.”

IMG_0485On a visit to Wycliffe USA headquarters in November, Antonin received a stock of refurbished laptops and tablets from the IT department — including several donated through Wycliffe’s “Donate Your Stuff” program. When packing up the devices for his flight home, Antonin shared, “Thank you! To take these back is a great encouragement to the team! We’ve been praying for a time when not having enough equipment won’t be a challenge anymore. These donations contributed to bringing about such a time.”

Please consider donating your unused electronics to Wycliffe. We can turn them into financial support for Bible translation, and in some cases we can send the items to translation projects with technology needs. To learn more, visit Wycliffe.org/donateyourstuff or call 1-800-992-5433.

UPDATE: We are deeply saddened to learn that Antonin’s wife, Adakouvi Grace, passed away on Jan. 15 while traveling to Benin. Please join us in prayer for Antonin and their two children during this immensely difficult time.

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“Bible translation is not for people who are perfect. It is not for people who have it all. [It is for] people who know [God] and want to work in faith with him. And then their lives will be unfolding into beauty –– into something very beautiful.”

Lydia Teera was only a teenager in Kampala, Uganda, when she lost her father to HIV. His death left her orphaned, but it also left her confused, frustrated and betrayed. Lydia had not known that her father was battling the disease. He had kept it a secret from her and the church community in which he served for his entire life.

In the wake of Mr. Teera’s passing, Pastor Tim Kibirige and his wife provided Lydia with a home. Though they did not have much to offer her in the way of financial support, what they did offer is something that changed her life forever –– the healing power of God’s Word. While living with the pastor and his wife, Lydia began to study the Bible. She came face-to-face with God, the giver of all hope. As a result, Lydia began to slowly heal from the scars of her past. But through reading Scripture, she was also able to look toward the future with purpose. In the comforting arms of her Heavenly Father, Lydia found the home she had lost.

As she studied the Bible, Lydia grew more and more passionate about serving God in any way she could. God led her to Wycliffe Bible Translators, where Lydia became the first Wycliffe missionary sent out from Uganda. Initially she grappled with the decision to become a missionary. But as Lydia prayed, she recognized an important truth. “I’m part of a church,” she reminded herself. “And we’ve been called to go and serve. Then why not go?”


Lydia, like many others, grasped the mission of Bible translation. She realized how much God had changed her own heart and life through Scripture. Today she is still committed to share that vision, purpose and hope with the people around her.

Each December 1 is recognized as World AIDS Day –– an opportunity for people around the world to unite in the fight against HIV/AIDS. And though it may only have been a piece of Lydia’s story, through encountering and grieving this disease, God drew Lydia into a relationship with himself and ultimately allowed her to share her story with many others. He took Lydia’s broken circumstances and unfolded them into beauty, as only he can.

On the surface, it might seem like Bible translation has little to do with World AIDS Day. After all, the Bible is not a medical manual, written to save the body. But for those suffering from the pain of HIV/AIDS, God’s Word offers something that no doctor can provide — hope and healing for eternity.

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You did it!

By 1 p.m. ET yesterday, you helped us achieve our goal of 500 printed books of Luke, and then you kept on giving. By 6:30 p.m., you more than doubled that number with over 1,000 books. Now you’ve funded printing for 1,440 books of Luke, for a total of $8,642 raised. Because of your gifts, people who have never heard the miracle of the Christmas story will now have the hope of God’s love for them in their own language!

Giving Tuesday is an amazing day to celebrate generosity and to give back because God has given us so much. But it doesn’t have to end there. In fact, you can make every day “Giving Tuesday” by praying about ways that God can use you to bless others. Perhaps it is through small acts of kindness, like letting someone go in front of you in line at the grocery store, or cooking a meal for your new neighbor. It can even be bigger things like partnering with a missionary, or serving as a volunteer in your community.

At Wycliffe, we are choosing to make every Tuesday throughout the month of December “Giving Tuesday.” If you’d like to continue helping us meet year-end needs in Bible translation, take a look at the projects available here.

Whatever God places on your heart, you can use each day to show his love to others! On behalf of the Bibleless people all over the world, thank you so much for your unwavering partnership in Bible translation.

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UPDATE: Your incredible generosity helped us achieve our first goal of 500 printed books of Luke by 1 p.m. ET! With plenty of time left to give, we’re doubling our Giving Tuesday goal. Together we can provide 1,000 copies of Luke!

Giving Tuesday is officially here!

Today is a day recognized around the world as a time set apart for giving back. And since it is now December, a month that we spend celebrating the blessing God gave to us in his son, Jesus, we think this is the perfect time to bless others.

But today is more than just a day. It is the first step toward a movement of generosity, and it can be the first step toward changing someone’s life. This Giving Tuesday, we want to give you the chance to provide the printed Gospel of Luke to people all over the world who’ve never had it in their own language.

For only $6 — the same price as that large Christmas-themed coffee you’re probably thinking of picking up soon — you could bring the hope of the Christmas story to someone who has never heard it before. Our goal is to provide 1,000 printed Books of Luke to people who don’t have them in their language, today!Large_120724_8420

You probably know the Christmas story by heart, hearing it every year at your church’s Christmas Eve service or reading it together at family gatherings. So why not give someone the very same joy you feel whenever you read about the angels proclaiming Christ’s birth? Encourage your family, friends, neighbors and even your church to join along with you in giving!

Visit wycliffe.org/givingtuesday to join us in this movement. Just $6 prints a copy of Luke for someone in need. A gift of $36 provides six books. And just $72 gives a dozen people access to God’s Word in their language.

Help reach others with the hope of Christmas! And please help us by spreading the word about this opportunity.

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What can you do with $6 during your Christmas shopping? You could probably buy a Christmas-themed coffee, or a few decorations for your tree or even a stack of Christmas cards to give to your family and friends. Can you think of a meaningful, inspiring gift you could buy someone for just $6?

We can! This year you can share the Christmas story with someone who’s never heard or read it before. Help provide language groups around the world with a printed copy of the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke for just $6 — the same amount that you would spend on a coffee or a few decorations!

Giving Tuesday

What: Your chance to give the Christmas story to someone who needs it!
Just $6 prints the book of Luke.
When: Dec. 1, 2015
How: Watch for more details soon!

e Celebration

You’re invited to join us on December 1 for Giving Tuesday — the globally celebrated day dedicated to giving back. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on all God has blessed us with and to be a blessing to others!

Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the big day. Together we can make Giving Tuesday an incredible chance to give the greatest gift of all.

“…but the angel reassured them. ‘Don’t be afraid!’ he said. ‘I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people. The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David!’” (Luke 2:10-11, NLT).

You don’t want to miss it!

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Touba village chief

Bright eyes, a warm smile, and inviting laughter: this Senegalese man can’t contain his joy.  A powerful change recently came to his community in Senegal – fathers began allowing, and encouraging, their daughters to attend school for the first time.

It’s not uncommon for girls in many places around the world to be taught that they do not belong in the classroom. Since schooling is costly and money is always tight, many families believe it’s more worthwhile to invest in educating their brothers and male peers.

But thankfully, new opportunities like minority language literacy classes and Bible translation programs are causing more people to see the value of education for everyone. Watch this video to learn how literacy is bringing new hope to families.

Photo & Words: Katie Kuykendall

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Roger and Joan Fisher owned the farm where Roger grew up, which had been given to them by Roger’s father many years before. The land was used by a tenant farmer who, over the years, had expressed an interest in purchasing the land. But for sentimental reasons, the Fishers had declined to sell the property to the farmer.

Eventually, circumstances caused Roger and Joan to change their minds. The time required to manage the land was too great since they lived 1,400 miles away. While Roger’s family owned the land, the value of the property had increased greatly — so much so that when they started preparing the land for sale, they ran into a major obstacle: They would need to pay $158,000 in capital gains taxes!

Cattle feed hay bales in Centreville, Colorado

The Fishers met with a Wycliffe Foundation gift planning advisor to discuss their situation and share their goals for the land sale. They desired four key things: to sell the land without a large payout of capital gains taxes; replace the rental income they had been receiving from the tenant farmer; make charitable gifts to several ministries; and leave part of the proceeds to their children.

The gift planning advisor outlined a plan that could accomplish their objectives. By gifting undivided interest in the land to a charitable remainder trust and a Wycliffe donor-advised fund, they were able to draw an income for their lifetimes that is 25 percent more than they were receiving from the farm rental income. They were also able to make immediate grants to Wycliffe, their church and several other ministries. After all that, they kept an interest for themselves that will be part of the inheritance they leave their children. Together, the three owners (the Fishers, Wycliffe and the trust company) sold their interests to the tenant farmer and received their proportionate shares of the sale proceeds.

Through this tax-wise plan, Roger and Joan were thrilled they could accomplish their goals of providing for themselves, their children and the work of God’s kingdom. Joan says, “God’s Word has made such an impact on our lives — giving us direction, hope and joy. We want that same life-changing power for others. Our resources are a gift from God and we are blessed to be able to invest them into Bible translation for speakers of other languages.”

If you’d like to learn more about including Wycliffe Bible Translators in your estate plans, including the donation of land, charitable remainder trusts, or donor-advised funds, please contact us (toll-free) at 1-877-493-3600 or visit wycliffefoundation.org.

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